#3 di 4 concorsi willgoo: vinci s5110

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#3 di 4 concorsi willgoo: vinci s5110

Messaggioda Zip » 19 dic 2012, 14:06

ecco il nuovo concorso
This week’s contest: Compose a song about Electronics


1. This song should be included word- “ Willgoo” at least once.
2. This song is about electronic- I suggest you a group of styles: Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Guitars etc.
3. You can use some apps on the market, such Caustic, Sunbox or similar, or any software from PC such Fruityloops, or any instrument (guitar, chords), etc.
4. We're asking you to send an actual song here, not just lyrics.
5. People can modify their “song” any time before 21th, Dec 2012. We will refer to your final version when we pick the winner
6. Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread, submit your entry between 15nd to 21th December, 23:59 GMT.
7. We prefer to the original designs- do not just copy from others. You can use the idea from other songs but need to make something original from you. No limited on the long of the songs, but do not make it too short.

15th to 21th Dec 2012

topic su dingoonity
http://boards.dingoonity.org/offtopic/s ... ectronics/

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