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Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D

Inviato: 8 lug 2011, 16:29
da kayuz
ragazzi,da lunedì potremo iniziare a votare i nostri 4 giochi preferiti per ogni console :D
dal sito riot tag team :D :D

Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D

Inviato: 8 lug 2011, 17:20
da Zip
ma dove lo hai letto kayuz?
io sapevo che votavano: UNI, EVILDRAGON e un altro..
lunedi è l'ultimo giorno limite per consegnare il gioco

Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D

Inviato: 8 lug 2011, 18:13
da kayuz
guarda qua ;)
Posted Today, 01:27 PM
Hi Everyone.

First off, i have corrected the judging part of the rules page. People will vote for their top 4 games. (This might change depending on what games are received). The part about owning several platforms has been removed. There is no way of knowing, and my previously planned voting system had a weakness in that people saying they owned more platforms would strengthen their votes, even if they did not have the platforms they said they had.

@foxblock thank you for saying basically what I am thinking.

Don Miguel, your idea of requiring a comment about each game is very good. It has been in my plans from the beginning. I have not (at least yet) implemented it, but i would really like to. It might be there when voting starts. For me, at least, getting comments from people who have played my game is what it is all about!

I would like everyone to know that i have put an extreme amount of thought into how the voting should proceed. I had even devised a plan to automatically confirm people's votes through their forum accounts, but it required me to have an account on every forum, which i don't. I am not even able to register on the more exotic languages forums.

The idea was to have people put their vote-key into their signature as confirmation. This would also serve as self-promoting to get more people voting Well, it's not gonna happen. I will be observing the votes and if i see anything fishy, i'll consider deleting it, or discuss it with the panel.

I share foxblock's view. I think most people are mature and even those that aren't, will be a severe minority. I think the system will work great, and if it doesn't, I'll be on the lookout for some judges and everything will be delayed probably for weeks So behave


Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D

Inviato: 11 lug 2011, 12:25
da Zip
ho provato skylark su pc, non mi ha entusismato molto... forse sara l'adattamento di tasti su pc ch enon è ottimale..

Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D

Inviato: 11 lug 2011, 12:33
da kayuz
su console è molto meglio, dal pc non riesce a emozionare, si vede troppo piccolo
ti assicuro che su Caanoo è molto bello, peccato non riesco a giocare molto bene a causa dei punti sul braccio :(

Re: Toto-Contest riotdigital :D SONDAGGIO APERTO

Inviato: 11 lug 2011, 22:23
da Zip
Aggiunto il sondaggio! guardate bene tutti i possibili giochi! link primo post

edit: forse ho risolto l'edit dei messaggi!!

ri edit: PRENOTATE quali volete recensire!