[ROM] jxd S5100 Blazing Dragon v0.1 (android 4)

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[ROM] jxd S5100 Blazing Dragon v0.1 (android 4)

Messaggioda Zip » 3 ott 2012, 1:01

questa è la custom rom di gaboros basata su android 4.0


Codice: Seleziona tutto

-Based on stock V2.2 - Android 4.0.3
-Not wipe data on install
-Samsung Galaxy SII CM9 fingerprint for market and further market unlocks with permissions -> Lot more available app in the market than the stock
-New and better emulators as user app (can be updated/changed easily): Arcade, GBA, GBC, GB, Gensis, N64, NES, PS1, SEGA Master System/Game Gear, SNES
-Extra features of the new emulators:
   -Better game compatibility
   -Support standalone ROM files
   -Save/Load states
   -Virutal Touch Keys
   -Customize keys
   -Some of emulators let you play multiplayer via WiFi
-Boot animation changed
-All three kernel logos are changed
-New, better and up to date system apps
   -Doc, xls, ppt, pdf support
   -New launcher
   -Google apps
   -Weather service
   -More advanced file explorer with LAN support
   -Faster and smoother gallery with more function
   -Full app + data backup
   -Task killer
-Default language: English
-Get rid of every Chinese language in the system
-Build.prop tweaks: Faster screen response, JIT enable, better JPG quality, WiFi/Internet speed boost
-Bios files for emulator can be found at /system/bios/
-"ADB root" works -> you can directly edit the system partition from ADB
-KeyMappingHelp only installed as a user app, because if you know how to use you can delete it. It doesn't contains the Key Mapping functions it just only a helper.
-Working contacts and calendar sync with google
-Lot of app compatibility fixes, for example on stock YouTube app (from the market) force close

discussione originale su apad.tv: http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/showthread ... ing-Dragon

download http://www.mediafire.com/?hlu97zfzt0l5p2t

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