[Rom] YDP G16 Skelrom v1 ICS (CWM)

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[Rom] YDP G16 Skelrom v1 ICS (CWM)

Messaggioda Zip » 18 ott 2012, 13:47

Skelton è sempre a lavoro a quanto pare, (quando oc.it avra abbastanza fondi faro un premio apposito per quest'uomo)

ecco la sua ultima opera:
si tratta di una rom android 4.0


Codice: Seleziona tutto

-   Based on last official ICS firmware.
-   Fully Rooted (at kernel level, ro.secure=o in default.prop)
-   All chinese emulators and software and stuff removed.
-   Full google Play (or almost I think)
-   Autozipalign at every boot
-   Trebuchet launcher added
-   No need of Game Manager at all.
-   Emus and apps installed in data/apps (can be upgraded or uninstalled easily if you don't like them)
-   Emus included and installed: GameBoid, Nesoid, Gensoid, GbCoid, Gearoid, Snesoid, Snes 9x, Tiger Arcade.
-   Apps Included and installed: Youtube, Flash Player, Novotools
-   Init.d support
-   Modules support: Module for XBOX 360 wired pad, PS3 dual shock 3 pads, uinput for Droidmote, USB GPS and Bluetooth dongles. (my bluetooth dongle doesn't work, but maybe work with yours, so not sure if this works or not).
-   Init.d support.
-   Battery shows percentage now
-   Jelly bean font by default.
-   Partitions changed. Now internal memory becomes extsd and our microSD is sdcard.
-   Some build.prop tweaks to improve screen responsivness, wifi responsiveness, and make better ram consumption, etc
-   English language by default (you can change that easily)

(se avete bisogno di traduziione ditelo)

Codice: Seleziona tutto

-   You need to be in the last ICS firm and need to be rooted.
-   Copy recovery.img to the internmal memory, and Skelrom v1 g16.zip to our microsd card. Then install NOVOtools.
-    Open novotools and choose flash recovery, wait for a few seconds and then select reboot recovery.
-   In CWM recovery use the Analog Stick to move: Down to select options and Power to enter each option. Select Wipe Data, Wipe cache and Dalvik Cache.
-   Then select install update.zip from sdcard, select Skelrom v1 g16.zip and once installation finishes, select reboot system

video istallazione

a quanto pare la procedura per istallare la rom installa l'ottimo software recovery "clockworkmod" chi smanetta con android sa di cosa parliamo :)

download :android: http://www.mediafire.com/?3n518dx641ckhwq

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