[ROM] Skelrom v1 for JXD s7300B

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[ROM] Skelrom v1 for JXD s7300B

Messaggioda Zip » 14 feb 2013, 13:36

skelton omnipresente!1
eccola !

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Main features:
-   Based on last stock firmware (v1.3)
-       All chinese emulators and software stuff removed. Duplicated libraries deleted.
-   GameX is now a data app.
-   Improved google play (most apps should be available)
-   Deodexed and zipaligned. (auto-zipalign at boot if needed)
-   Deleted stok launcher and replaced with Holo Launcher HD-
-   Fix for emus compatibility and android games compatibility (most games should be OK, like NOVA 3 or MC4)
-   Setcpu free donate version XDA included with setcpu profile installed.
-   Battery shows percentage.
-   Guided first time.
-   Fixed ac3 and dts audio problem while playing mkv in hardware mode (no more noisy sound every second)
-   uInput module support.
-   Init.d support (you can place your own scripts)
-   Battery shows percentage now
-   Some build.prop tweaks to improve screen responsivness, make better ram consumption, etc

ROM makes wipe automaticatilly, so if you have some data that you want preserve, do it before installing the ROM.


Codice: Seleziona tutto

-   Unrar the whole content of the file to the root of your Micro SD. (Extras folder is optional).
-       You will need the following files in your micro sd: Factory_para_update_aml, update.zip, uImage_recovery.
-   Power on the JXD s7300 in recovery mode (Power + Volume`+ and wait until the process is done).

I’ve not included any paid apps or emu in this release nor will I do in the future, because of legal terms.
SETCPU is the donate version of XDA and I've got permission to include it. :)
Default max CPU speed is set up at 1,32 ghz, it seems more stable. However, you can increase via patch in Extras folder, or just using setcpu.
Rom is no swap by default, but can be changed using the patch in Extras folder.
The extras folder includes two kind of patches:

Kernel1500.zip - (flash this from recovery if you want push system to 1,5 ghz)
Kernel1320.zip - (flash this for a max speed of 1,32 ghz, like default's skelrom)
SWAP_ON: this will change your internal and external memory. That way external will be /sdcard/ and internal /sdcard/external_sdcard/. There are no ghosting apps after reboot. You can install apps yo sdcard and they will be after a reboot.
Have in mind that if you do this and remove the microSd card, both internal and external will be unmounted.
Any case, read the instructions in Extras folder.


I’d like to thank you all the users that have made this rom possible, and a very big thank you to Deen0X, and Namco69 for testing it for me.

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immagine ridotta, clicca per ingrandire
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http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3l3g44wdcb439ti Part 1
http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tz5y12csnfno4q5 Part 2

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6JKf-Q ... RzZUE/edit Part 1
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6JKf-Q ... Q0S3M/edit Part 2

Fonte notizia: http://forum.openhandhelds.net/index.ph ... 295.0.html

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