[ROM] XSample-Skelrom 1.5 JXD s5110B

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[ROM] XSample-Skelrom 1.5 JXD s5110B

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Il buon skelton ha pubblicato questa rom tempo fa e ci era sfuggita!
ma andiamo al sodo!

Riposto quanto pubblicato da skelton

New version 1.5.

This is a minor update, that fixes some of the things still present, but don't expect huge changes, so if you are happy with your current firmware, maybe not need to update. However, if you are using stock firmware, then this firmware is more rock solid.

- Bootloader unlocked. Now you can push it to 1,5 ghz using nofrillsCPU app (max default is at 1,32 ghz)

- Fix battery drain during sleep.

- Based on newest source code by amlogic mx72 device.

- JXD mapper re-added, you can use tincore or JXD mapper as you prefer.

- Included nofrillscpu and cpu adjuster app-

- Some minor optimizations.


Wake up bug is still there, so you have to use the same workarounds as 1.0 firmware, like powering off/on screen after sleep, or use CPU Adjuster app with different governor for screen off and On, like powersave for screen off, or interactive/performance2 for screen on.


This time you have to use the recovery I Include with the rom in order to install. Unrar the file and put file to the root of microSd card, so that you have uImage_recovery, the Skelrom....zip and the SWAP files. If you want to use SWAP, use the SWAPs provided with this rom, the older ones from 1.0 won't work.

Once you have copied the files enter recovery with Power and Volume + and you'll see stock recovery:

Now make a wipe data, cache and media, and select apply update from ext, select skelrom zip file and install it. Once it finishes, select reboot system now.

these devices has very bad nand chips, so after a flash some partition lie internal cannot be mounted properly, if this happens in your device, then install first this stock firmware before installing this rom:

https://mega.co.nz/#!x54HxAaA!F1uwyHRg5 ... lbRKKeFsIg


https://mega.co.nz/#!s95RhZLT!XnxFMxZiQ ... LspBlC_d4w

If your wifi doesn't work after installing the ROM, just flash this patch using Recovery and everything will be fine.

Fonte openhandhelds.net

https://mega.co.nz/#!IkQlQJjA!NNNLx3PpG ... A6smcvuH2A
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