[ROM] JXD s5110 GB Skelrom v1

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[ROM] JXD s5110 GB Skelrom v1

Messaggioda Zip » 27 giu 2012, 8:52

skelton ha rilasciato una sua rom basata su android 2.3 in alternativa a quella basata sul 4.0
entrambe sono migliori della mia :)

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v1 pro:

Main features:
-   800 mhz stock speed (new kernels included to increase or decrease your speed)
-   Fully Rooted (at kernel level, ro.secure=o in default.prop)
-       All chinese emus and stuff removed.
-   Google play.
-   Default launcher removed and changed for Go Launcher EX.
-   Build.prop modified (XperiaPlay.
-   Xperia Play button mapping (Circle button= back, Back button=Home)
-   Duplicated libraries deleted.
-   CPU Scaling governor changed to ondemand by default.
-   Setcpu free donate version XDA included with setcpu profile installed.
-   Emus and apps installed in data/apps (can be upgraded or uninstalled easily if you don't like them)
-   Emus included and installed: Ataroid, GameBoid, Nesoid, Gensoid, GbCoid, Gearoid, Snsoid, Snes 9x, Tiger Arcade.
-   Apps Included and installed: Chanifire 3d, Dolphin Browser HD, Es task manager, ES File Explorer, Flash Player, GetJar, Gmail, Lucky Patcher, Maildroid, Mixzing Free, Mx Video Player, Onlive, Opera Mini, Titanium Backup Free, Tunein Radio, Youtube, Link to willgoo store, GamepadIME.
-   Deodexed and zipaligned.
-   Experimental USB gamepad support, thanks to bitrider (doesn't work with my pad but maybe works with yours)
-   Fixed ac3 and dts audio problem while playing in hardware mode (no more noisy sound every second)
-   Changed the splash screens and new Boot animation.
-   Some build.prop tweaks to improve screen responsivness, wifi responsiveness, and make better ram consumption.
-   English language by default (you can change that easily)


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-   Unrar the whole content of the file to the root of your Micro SD. (Extras folder is optional).
-       You will need the following files in your micro sd: Factory_para_update_aml, update.zip, Uimage, uImage_recovery and u-boot-aml-ucl.bin and license1.ef
-   Power on the JXD s5110 in recovery mode (Power + Menu and wait until the process is done).

download v1pro http://www.willgoo.com/download/SKELROM ... RBREAD.rar

esiste una versione lite

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v1 LITE: The lite version  has the same features, but has less applications installed. Applications are: ES File Explorer, Flash Player, Gmail, Youtube, Link a willgoo store, GamePadIME, and setcpu donate version.

download v1 lite http://www.willgoo.com/download/SKELROM ... RBREAD.rar

fonte: http://forum.openhandhelds.net/index.ph ... 109.0.html

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