Will the Fed's rate hike cycle create more problems for the world?

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Will the Fed's rate hike cycle create more problems for the world?

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Because the US Fed's monetary policy is now behind the curve This policy's accelerating rate is expected to be extremely aggressive for the rest of the year to curb inflation. Such a move may not significantly slow down economic activity in the United States. But it could put global growth and finances in an unsafe situation.

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The Fed is widely expected to raise its policy rate another 50bps this week, the first move of that level since May 2000 as inflation in the world's largest economy shows signs of out of control. The US Federal Reserve can therefore 'Everything can be done' to curb price pressure despite recession risks

Since the COVID-19 pandemic Starting in early 2020, the Fed has cut interest rates sharply to near-zero levels and injected trillions of dollars in cash into its finances to support the economy. After an unprecedented monetary stimulus along with other fiscal measures Both economic and financial conditions in 2020 improved rapidly.

stock price increase Weak bond yields And the dollar most of the time over the past two years has been instrumental in the recovery of the US economy. But that creates a big problem as well. that's inflation Supply chain shortages are one of the main reasons leading to rising inflation. But the shortage itself won't make inflation last long. It is a huge monetary stimulus that creates a huge imbalance between supply and demand.

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