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Panton International interview

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Android devices keep becoming more and more powerful every day. We now have Android sticks that can turn a conventional tv in a smart tv and some of them are so powerful that they could actually be used as a small home computer. Even if dual core is already present in many tv sticks, only a few dual core Android game consoles have been announced so far and even less are already produced. One of these ‘miracle machine’ is codenamed PT155 and it’s being produced in the Chinese Silicon Valley by Panton International. We had the opportunity to try one of these device for and we’re going to publish the full review in the near future. But Panton International, in the person of its sales manager, Miss Jenny Lam gave as the unique opportunity to ask them a few questions.
Here it is our exclusive interview with Panton International.

First of all: can you please give us a brief presentation of your
company? When was it founded, where are you located and how many
people work there? Does the company work on other fields other than
-PANTON was approved to establish by Shenzhen Administration in 2009, with the R&D
and manufactory located in Shenzhen,China.
-We are an affiliated company and wholly owned subsidiary of Headquarters as
-Apart from electronics, we also provide packing and mould printing/design.

2) How many models do you currently produce? Do you assemble also
pieces for other companies?
-Including tablet pc and consoles, we have produced over 60 models in house.
-Yes, we also assemble pieces for other domestic companies.

3) Can you give us an estimate of the numbers of consoles you produce
and the market they are produced for? (I mean if you produce 10000
consoles per month how many of them in percentage go to Chinese market
and abroad?)
-We now produce more than 34 models of consoles for a total amount of over 2 million pieces per year.
-The main markets are Russia,the UAE, India, The USA, Canada, The UK, Spain, Braisil, Chile, and so on.
-Approx 95 percentage is sold abroad.

4) Many companies today sell consoles and tablet pcs based on android, more or less powerful, but
just a couple of them (and your company is among them) seem to
develop them from scratch. Do you have an engineer's group working on your products?
-Yes, our company has employed 25 experienced engineers.

5) We are going to review your PT155. How would you describe it? What are the main differences between it and older consoles? Do you believe that Android will be the future standard for
your consoles?
-PT155 is the first Android 4.1 in market ever and it’s dual core, capacitive touch, dual camera, which has successfully beated other older consoles, and the size 5” is perfect to hold in hands.
-Of course, we will develop absolutely more and more featured consoles in the future, but PT155 has already proved its value since put on the market! And we believe in mutual benefits and we help our clients to improve their markets with our quality products!

6) What's the operating system in the other consoles you develop?
-So far, we have developed Android OS 2.3/4.0/4.1.

7) Do you develop also software for your consoles? If so, do you use
open source, proprietary or market software?
-Currently, we have been worked with several software companies
such as: Sunplus, ACTS,Allwinner, VIA.

8) The success of a console is very often decided on the amount of
support it has (both from developers and buyers). Choosing Android as
Operating Sytem for your consoles opened a big market of
potential buyers to you. Will you try to support your buyers with
updates and specific software for your console? Basically very few
buyers know how to compile a new version of Android for example but
updating an Android console would be probably the key to keep it
-We help buyers with the software updates,this is one of our technical supports.

9) Do you have or plan to have shops outside China where
you will be selling your products?
-Yes, we have been planning to have our shops abroad, and the first shop will be in Canada.

10) What's your main competitor on Android consoles nowadays? What do
you think you do better and what do you think you competitors still do
better than you? Are you planning to compete also on non Android
-As in the market of tablets and consoles, we never lack of competitors. And it’s quite normal. We love competition which make us better.
One of our competitors is ONDA.

11) Did you have Sony PSVita in mind when launching your new Android Consoles?
-Yes. Sony is a very powerful example in console industrial, but we must have our own features.

12) In Europe (and probably in most part of the world) almost all of
the old games emulated by your consoles are still under copyright
(this is not a problem with the Android specific games). We don't
understand really the copyright laws in China. Is it legal to download
a copy of a game you don't know and play it on the emulator that runs
on a console? Is PT155 a trademark or just a code you give to your console?
-Before we download games, we must be sure they are allowed to be downloaded first, we know for this part, it’s different from your country, in order to protect your laws, we will listern to your suggestion addording to your requests for the game that you want to download inside the device and we will try to do our best to comply with your needs. Copyright is not always the best option in order to keep production prices low, so a lot of hardware solutions produced in China aren’t copyrighted. The software part of a product remains property of its developers as long as it is not redistributed so you can understand why we don’t generally share our software solutions.
-PT155 is just a code not a trademark.

13) Are you planning to release special SDKs to help developers to
produce software for your consoles? We would be more than pleased to
develop software for your console but we need informations to do that.
-As a company rule, and in order to protect our internal tech, we can’t easily provide the information to others, we would like to work with you and make what you want to develop done as per your request.

14) Can you anticipate something of your future projects?
-We are proud to say that we are hanging in hands with a Canadian company which is ready to invest in us , we will turn into a Joint Venture, we will take all of the advantages to make all of our projects keep moving on and become better and more competitive in the very near future!

Thank you Miss Lam for your kind answers. Can we be so bold to ask your participation to our forum? We think your company produces a lot of interesting products and we are pretty sure this interview will arise much more questions by our readers. Can we count on you?
- I will gladly join you!

Here it is the first photo of the PT155. Wait for the official review in the next weeks!
Ed ecco le favolose caratteristiche, almeno sulla carta in attesa della recensione vera e propria.
OS:Android 4.1,
CPU:ARM-Contex A9,dual core, 1.2Ghz
1G DDR3,
Graphics engine: Mali400 GPU 3D
built in OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU, support large scale HD 3D games.
Network:WIFI,support online games,webcams,online TV,video chat,
Video:HD 1080P(1920x1080), dual camera
Games: Support 8-256 bit simulator games,adobe flash lite 10.3,
Camera:High resolution(DC),DV functions,
Screen:5.0" HD 800x480, Full screen capacitative touch, G-sensor,
Battery: 2200MAH
Picture format: JPG,BMP,GIF、PNG,filmslide,etc.
Text:TXT,IRC,etc ,Built in mic,FM(optional),
Mutiltask, energyconservation, Support firmware upgrade

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